• On Golden Pond

    Painting in the living room

    Golden pond in the restaurant

    Golden pond in the meeting room

    On Golden Pond|ShiLi|2013|Oil on canvans|240x100cm Triptych

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    We create uniquely designed artwork that's shaped and crafted by true artists, with a perpetual focus on personality, pride and sustainability. Our vision unites the finest Spiritual products traditions with modern art work through the fusion of timeless light, colour, natural,Sense And Sensibility.


    Meditation is our main source of inspiration. The love of life and uncompromising focus on quality is evident throughout the abstraction, from the first art sketches to the final moments where the artwork is finished and surface treated by hand. See more.

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    Beyond the wind

    Beyond the wind|ShiLi|2014|Oil on canvans|90x60cm

    Beyond the mountain

    Beyond the mountain|ShiLi|2014|Oil on canvans|90x60cm

    Beyond the Church

    Beyond the Church|ShiLi|2014|Oil on canvans|90x60cm

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    Loves to Dream, Flying in the Future ,Wants to be an Indiscribable Man.

    ShiLi :Contemporary artist, poet. Born in China.Postgraduate from the Capital Normal University in Beijing, majoring in materials and techniques of classical oil painting and tempera.Lives and works in Montreal, Canada.


    Director and Deputy Secretary General of Hebei Oil Painting Society. Member of Table Ronde sur l'ArtofTown of Mont-Royal, Espaced'Expressionset de CréationCanada, Hebei Provincial Art Association, Composition Association.


    His works have been exhibited and awarded internationally (U. S., Canada, Germany, Australia, etc.), collected and represented by museums, galleries and other art institutions.His artwork and poems have been included in different publications, such as “Hebei Arts Literature”(1978-2011), “The Contemporary Oil Painting-Youth Album”, “The Construction Knowledge a+a”, “Hebei Youth Poetic Canon”, “Hebei Poems” (1978-2011), “The Chinese Poetry”,Etc.


    Selected Solo Exhibitions:

    • 2019|Commencement|SHILI|Espace d’Expressions et de Création| Montréal, Canada
    • 2015|Attraction|SHILI|Hebei Province Oil Painting Association, West- Mountain Versailles Club| Shijiazhuang, China
    • 2015|Cruel-Youth, Draw-Music-Act-Read Multiart| SHILI with Friends| Velvet Underground Center| Shijiazhuang, China
    • 2014|From this shore to that shore| 798 HIHEY Art Center, Beijing,China
    • 2012|Cloud on the day| Hebei Poets Salon| Hebei Province Library

    Selected Group Exhibition:

    • 2021.2|30th "Black History Month" Art Festival | Montréal, Canada
    • 2020.11|Un Art en Reaction | Montréal, Canada
    • 2019.8|Representational&Abstract—Formalism|Andy Gallery New York, U.S
    • 2018.1|MACÉRATION|Espaced'Expressions et de Création| Montréal-Nord, Canada
    • 2015-2016| 36 Cities of China Arts|Travel Show| Shanghai, Beijing, etc.
    • 2014|China-Germany International Cultural Exchange Exhibition| China Foreign Cultural Exchange Association & German Bell Art Center| Hamburg, Germany
    • 2014|Nanjing International Art Festival |Nanjing, China
    • 2013| Exchange Exhibition of New York University&Shangyuan Art| New York, U.S
    • 2011|No Idle Talk|International Independent Art Biennale,|Beijing, China
    • 2004|2009|Choosen in Hebei Province of the 10th 11th National Art Exhibition |Hebei Art Museum
    • 2008|National Art Teachers Communication Exhibition| Art Museum, Beijing
    • 2000 |Famous Artist’s painting for the Olympic Games| Sydney, Australia

    Selected award:

    • 2021  |ART& Cultural Certificate| Prime Minister Justin Trudeau
    • 2020 |ART& Cultural Certificate| Steven Guilbeault, Canadian House of Commons
    • 2010|Excellence Award|the 9th National Watercolor Art Exhibition|China Artists Association| Ningbo Art Museum, China
    • 2010|the Bronze Award| Hebei Province 2010 Watercolor Art Exhibition|Hebei Art Museum
    • 1997|the Excellence Award|97'Maple Leaf International Ink Painting Exhibition |Canada -Taiwan
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